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Jake Wood: Personal Trainer
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by Claire Tomlinson on Jake Wood: Personal Trainer
I've renewed my love for exercise

I recently had two lots of personal training with Laura at Jakes Cave. 15 sessions in total. I'd highly recommend Jake Woods gym if you're looking for motivation and accountability. In 15 weeks I've lost weight, and inches and really toned up. But what I'm really pleased about is that its renewed my love for exercise and especially weight training. Laura was really knowledgeable about nutrition too and happy to answer questions I had. The whole time I was there I was made to feel welcome and not at all intimidated (I hadn't ever really been in a gym) and I will definitely continue my fitness journey thanks to Laura!

by Georgina Evans on Jake Wood: Personal Trainer
constant energy and reassurance

I started with Jake Wood after too many pork pies (and wine...)

I was put with the pocket rocket called Laura and I was really impressed with her constant energy and reassurance. She tailored the programme to my injuries, and even strengthened my back to the point I am lifting weights again! I feel so much stronger and healthier. Although my programme has finished I will certainly be back for bootcamps and more shenanigans!

by Sophie Taylor on Jake Wood: Personal Trainer
The most exhilarating, exciting, and rewarding fitness journey you can embark on.

The most exhilarating, exciting, and rewarding fitness journey you can embark on.

Jake Woods personal training has been a blessing for my mental and physical wellbeing. For a while I have wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone to see what I am capable of. After watching SAS who dares wins on TV and being in lockdown for a few months my mind and body were screaming for a challenge, a personal goal that would push me to be the best version of myself.

Did this programme deliver? ABSO-FREAKIN-LUTELY!!! I have had both personal training and bootcamp sessions with Jake and his team and each one has been challenging, different and insightful. The sessions were tailored to my goals and have educated me on the standard I should be training at. Thanks to Jake I have learnt so much more about nutrition and exercising. I have now adapted my lifestyle and I feel the best I have ever felt.

If you are thinking of signing up my advice to you would be to DO IT! You will not regret it, but you need to have grit, determination, and self-discipline. It will push you out of your comfort zone, test your resilience and your bodies ability… no pain no gain and as Jake would say “no excuses”. You will become part of an incredible community, everyone is so welcoming and supportive, you will make fitness friends for life!

Thank you Jake and the team for all that you do… making the world a fitter/healthier place one minion at a time! 😊

by Noel Pannett on Jake Wood: Personal Trainer

I’ve found the 121 session with Josh a real benefit to my strength, general fitness and confidence.....unprompted support through Covid too... which was awesome 👍

The team are giving me excellent advice and coach on every aspect of technique and personal performance ...... I’ve now progressed to small group sessions at !!! The Cave !!! Where I’ve been welcomed with a friendly smile and a, can do/stay strong attitude....such a positive vibe going on down there with Jake and his team...cheers guys 👍

by Lauren Gaunt on Jake Wood: Personal Trainer
Highly recommend!

I started with Jake on the 6th of jan this year, Jakes knowledge about fitness and food is above and beyond, jakes not only made me confident in exercise but also around food, he’s pushed me to my limits and made me Conker my first cave comp and I came first

the cave is bloody amazing, his bootcamps are out of this world, all the people that come to his cave and bootcamps are so friendly.

Jakes personal training is just outstanding and very professional.

I can’t thank you enough for the journey you helped me conker.....

The gauntstar

by Shelley Buchanan on Jake Wood: Personal Trainer
Rate bootcamp 10/10

Rate this bootcamp 10/10 to anyone. Been going for 2 years and cant live without it. Its fun, competitive sometimes and theres always new challenges to get the blood pumping. We are one big bootcamp family and always support each other in new challenges. Jake is the best PT keeps us all motivated and pushed you because he believes in you.

by Zoe Shelmerdine on Jake Wood: Personal Trainer
The Hips don't lie

'From day 1 all I wanted was to loose weight.. this was my latest diet plan'

1-2 lb a week seemed tedious but that is the guideline, with Jake's confidence and encouragement, I stopped anticipating the weigh in and overthinking my food. I never thought I would not care about the scales! But the hips don't lie!

Once I started I did throw myself in, PT was great but what are these Cave sessions all about? Like minded people, great atmosphere, leaner, fitter, stronger.. what about a boot camp? oh and then there is Yoga.. From nothing to 5 hrs a week multi disciplines activities.. I cant tell you when I started, I cant tell you what I weigh.. I can tell you I feel the best I have felt for years.

My journey is now my lifestyle and Jake Wood created that space to achieve in his 'Cave'

by Louise Hunt on Jake Wood: Personal Trainer
Jake Wood PT

I would never have believed anyone would have got me to a gym let alone PT, I’ve never felt it was somewhere I had any business going to. But after sister intervention she introduced me to Jake Wood PT - my first session I could have cried, felt so nervous, my 2nd session I think I turned back to my car for a moment as it was an earlier session and I was facing fit, strong and experienced members, pulled myself together and went back in ! I’ve had 5 sessions now and I cannot believe the health results already. I am a type 1 diabetic, yes overweight too and starting to have issues with cholesterol! After just 5 PT sessions and Jake keeping me motivated and positive my cholesterol level has reduced to a normal level and my sugar levels are the best they’ve been in 3 years! I’m amazed - I know I’ve not lost the weight yet but Jake always tells me “health first” ! thank you Jake, you’ve got me exercising and got me enjoying it too and trying things out of my comfort zone. I look forward to the sessions no longer feeling I don’t belong in a gym 😁👍🏻💪🏻 Highly recommend Jake

by Danny Baker on Jake Wood: Personal Trainer
First week at JWPT done...

first week at JWPT done.....

Mon bootcamp

Tues cave

sun cave

not done anything for four or five years and Jake was recommended to me and i would now recommend as from Monday even though I've been the unfittest and struggled like mad every session Jake Josh and Leah have all made me feel welcome and at ease and have helped me with everything and talked me threw it all and gave me loads of encouragement so thanks going be long road to get fit and reach my goals but I'm up for a challenge and feel more confident now with Jake and his team helping me.

see you all tomorrow

by Lauren Moore on Jake Wood: Personal Trainer
Great first bootcamp session!

I had my first boot camp session 2 weeks ago and it was a great friendly atmosphere with all fitness levels welcome; as it can be daunting when you first start. It is challenging but enjoyable and always feels great when you complete a session!

Jake is knowledgeable and the boot camp were there to help each other out. I’m looking forward to continuing the sessions and developing my fitness levels, thank you 😊

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